Thanks for dropping in. My name is k33f. I started programming 25 years ago. I like to make music, videos, and other digital art. I also build and fly racing drones to get outside some. This website is my personal portfolio. It is not for sale, advertisement, or anything else distracting. I built this site to be the definitive home of all my work. Uncensored, unmonetized, and untampered.


7 months ago

Just finished mixing a project for Nomad the Native. Excited for this album to drop in the coming months. Check him out here. I have some new material of my own in the works, but it's been slow starting.

8 months ago

Updated the homepage with the featured list over there to the right. Fixed another 2 bugs with the way the audio page functioned. I've run it through a bunch of testing now. Functionality works as intended. Working on building a video/media player to get the videos going. But really, the biggest news is that I posted my latest release, a single called, "Mad Science."

1 year ago

Last day of 2021. The audio page had a bug if you had visited the site using the www URL. This is now fixed. I've also posted download links for the Violet album in MP3 and WAV format. The album is available on most streaming platforms as well. Luckily, LC and I have been able to link up twice in recent months and we recorded some real gems. Might drop a few tracks to start off the new year right. I also plan to setup a merch page and will be dropping some exclusive sample packs.