A simple website for a complex man.

Check out my latest work, read some random words I've typed, or just sit there and stare at the screen wondering how something so simple, could be so incredible. This website is not for sale, advertisement, or anything else distracting. It's my personal portfolio, thought-dump, and playground of code.

* Registrations are locked. If you believe you should have access to the goods, then you should know how to contact me. For now, that's the only way to get in.


1 month ago

I haven't been finding the time for any new updates. I do have some good ideas for this site. Hopefully I can get back on here sometime this week. Next big task is getting the storefront set. Keep an eye out for some exclusive merch coming.

2 months ago

Happy New Year!!! What a rough one! Hoping things slow down with work a little bit, now that the holidays are over. Thanks to the wonderful R2R, I was blessed with many amazing gifts for sound manipulation. Can't wait to get on some new tracks. Still have barely scratched the surface with PhasePlant, but it is nothing less than amazing.

2 months ago

Completed a new beat. Started making new patches and drum samples with Serum and my new toy, PhasePlant. LC approves, so I'm thinking of following a somewhat similar trend that I used with the creation of this last track for the next one. Totally different vibe and sound, but similar method to create the sounds and play them. A reference, more or less.

In the works

  • T2 Ultrasound Album #audio
  • Violet EP #audio
  • Family Film 2020 #video
  • In the midst of rebuilding Elenor #drone
  • Adding content to public facing pages #code

* Remember. Wash your hands, wear a mask, and stay far away from me! It's almost 2021... What a crazy thing to type! Hopefully, things start taking a turn for the better. Peace and love.