Artificial Intelligence

Oh, you know, the topic of AI is all the rage right now. Well, here’s my take. Everyone is excited, scared, and mostly in the dark on it. Hopefully AI will replace many mundane tasks we’ve endured over time. After all, that’s the whole point, right? And while this can certainly make life better, it can also have the opposite effect. For some, this means their jobs and current skillsets are replaceable. What once made them relied upon, can now be handled in record time by a machine.

There are many other dark roads to go down in thinking about the negative impact such technology can have. It is comparative to the birth and adoption of the internet. I believe it is easier to see the dark side of it than it is to see the light, but the positive uses will be much more plentiful. Like most things in life, there’s almost always a double-edged sword if you look close enough.

So far, it has become one of the best tools in my arsenal. It has already saved me a good 16 to 24 hours in my profession and at least 10+ hours when used while making music or working on other personal endeavors. As with any tool, it’s usefulness relies on a competitant operator. Almost all of the tasks it has handled are things I could do myself. They are monotonous, boring, time-consuming tasks that often take me out of a good flow.

The true power is only able to be realized through proper prompts. For instance, you could prompt the AI to code you a webpage for your business. But how useful is the output if you don’t understand it, let alone how to use it? An experienced web developer, would start off leagues ahead in just the prompt alone. Their prompt would be much more specific to the end product that is desired and will more often than not achieve a better output from the jump. Then, an experienced developer would be able to take the output, rework it if needed, implement it properly, and achieve something in record time.