Half Marathon Prep

Training for this hasn’t really changed much from my last event. I run around 35 – 45 miles per week; mostly in a zone 2 heart rate, and I do muscle/weight training 3 or 4 times a week. I try to keep my body guessing, so I don’t stick to any specific schedule. Sometimes I flip flop run days and gym days, and other weeks I hammer out 3 or 4 days of back to back running followed by gym days and probably a random day off. Sometimes I even cram a half gym day and a lighter run in the same day. Consistent, but always changing.

Nutrition-wise, I focus almost entirely on protein. It most likely accounts for 60% to 70% of my daily food consumption. I get the protein through meats, oatmeal, dairy, and whey/plant supplements. Other than protein I mostly go for fruits. I eat vegetables as well, but since they are a bit harder on the stomach, I don’t eat them as much as I eat fruit, especially on run days.

Another key aspect has been sleep. I’ve made it my mission to get a full 8 or as close to it as possible almost every night. In a way, I love it, because my window of time for accomplishing things in a day is pretty much set in stone, but this also has some drawbacks. I can say, that days following good sleep, are much better and worth the effort. This is something I’m still working to improve.

We are now 3 weeks out from the Maryland Half Marathon. I’m feeling good about the event and my training. I’ve run the distance quite a few times now, and at what I consider a good pace. I added a belt to my gear to make it much easier to carry a few things including maybe an electrolyte pouch or something. I’ve never tried a pouch or anything.