New site is up and running!

I’m happy to release this updated website for my audio catalog, portfolio, and blog. All my music is free to listen, download, remix, whatever. If you’re interested in collaborating I offer various audiovisual and digital services. Outside of my work, I’m very passionate about running, weight lifting, and self-improvement, which will be the focus of this blog. I know…random, right?!?!

To kick things off for the year, I’ll be running 10k in the “Discover Downtown Columbia 5k/10k.” I’ve been training for the last 10 months and I’m pretty excited for my first real event. I’ve also signed up for the “Maryland Half Marathon” on June 10th, to help raise money for cancer research. If you’d like to help, you can make a contribution on my special page here.

The hot weather snuck up on me, and I was a little down about my slower times, but it seems the body needs time to adjust to the heat. I was closing in on some new PR’s and the 30 degree increase added about a minute to my average pace. I’ve kept running and did 3 days back to back which seems to be helping speed up the adjustment time.